Web sites tailored to your need

While there are many accessible web site development services out there, you may still find the idea of doing it yourself daunting, or simply don't have the time. Alternatively, you may want something that is not based on a standard "template" offered by such services, but that specifically reflects who you are. We can help get you started to design and build a tailored web site, from simple information site to one that can be maintained remotely. Whatever we do, it is yours to take over whenever you want to expand or manage when you are ready.

While there are costs associated with having your own web site, we can help you choose the right approach and keep your initial costs realistic. Everyone's needs differ, so do contact us if you think we can help.

Support for small businesses including e-Commerce and marketing support see our partners at Voltinet.com

Web sites, and a presence on the internet, are the rapidly becoming the norm these days. Some organisations rely largely on social media to describe themselves and to keep people up to date with events, news etc. Social media is fine, but this certainly limits your audience to those who trust and use social media. In many respects having your own web site is a stronger message to send out to customers or patrons, as well as giving you much more control of your internet presence - and can be used alongside social media.

If you have the time and patience you can use one of the "Out of the box" web site construction services such as GoDaddy or Wix (to name but a few) and great as these are they do have limitations (and cost). If you are comfortable with that approach, we would actively encourage you to look into these services.

However, if you would rather someone else get you started then this is where we can help. We build websites for a variety of uses as illustrated by the example sites at the bottom of this page - these are all live sites and you can visit them by clicking on the image. Web sites can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from simple (a basic page about you) to complex (full e-commerce capability) so the time, effort and cost to build sites does vary according to need.

We offer a service to guide you on the road to an internet presence, including building and managing your web site if appropriate. Coupled with our graphics design capability used in our publicity services we can deliver a unique design that truly reflects your organisation and its needs.

If you think we can help contact us and we can discuss what may be an appropriate approach, and you will be under no obligation to use our services further; we believe that the internet is great place to be and are pleased to be able to help others make the most of the opportunities that it presents.