Audio recording, mixing and mastering.

Music Services

We have a small digital recording facilities available for a variety of uses, and can even provide original compositions that can be used royalty free for shows, videos or just to put a sound track on your web site. We have experience in recording show reel pieces for aspiring artists as well as supporting those who just wish to get some own compositions out to resources such as Soundcloud or YouTube. The gallery alongside has examples of all of the above

Alternatively you may already have something recorded and you want it mixed or mastered, or even add some backing instruments. We are happy to help to get you started.

If you have a need in this area why not contact us and we'll see how we may help.

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Other Recording Services

Another use of the studio facilities is the recording of spoken word and audio drama. In the gallery is an example of recording and producing a drama item. After the voices of the actors had been recorded, we set about adding all the sound effects, atmosphere and vocal editing to create the finished product.

The extract from the Mince Pie of Doom radio series is part of a 5 episode comedy drama, originally performed on the stage and adapted for radio by the writers - Richard Olson-Walter and Simon Baker.

It need not be for publication or broadcast - some drama groups like to have a memento of a cast experience, so if you fancy a go contact us.

You can hear all 5 episodes of the Mince Pie of Doom at if you like.

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